Contents Cleaning

3W Cleaning Services are experts in contents cleaning in Baltimore. Was there a fire at your home or business and you need help cleaning up? We specialize in both fire contents cleaning and, structural cleaning in Baltimore. Our business has been serving Baltimore for over 15 years. We have a team of certified and specially trained disaster clean up specialists who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in your efforts to clean up after a fire.

Contents Cleaning After A Fire

Do you need fire contents cleaning in Baltimore? Leave it to our experts to clean up your home or business. A fire can be a scary and expensive situation, but we have the ability to help restore and clean up your contents to their former condition. We will secure your property by boarding it up and using temporary fencing to keep your property safe. We also inspect your property for any types of hazardous items and properly remove them if necessary. We are well known in Santa Clara County for our expert fire contents cleaning in Baltimore.

Soot, Smoke & Odor Removal

We will remove soot, smoke and odor from your building after a fire. We specialize in structural cleaning in Baltimore. This type of specialized cleaning will help remove the lingering odor from your building. We use techniques such as chem sponge and wet wash procedures to remove the presence of soot and smoke. We use air scrubbers, along with duct and carpet cleaning, to remove odors from the building. If your building structure repairs or needs to rebuild parts of the structure, our team of professionals will take care of those tasks and leave your building looking as good as new.

Air Duct / Vent Cleaning

After a fire, it is common for your building to need air duct and vent cleaning. This will help remove the smoke odor from your building. Our teams of professionals will clean your air duct and vents and restore them back to their best condition. It is important to have these items professional cleaned to resume your building to working condition before you return to your building for safety of you, your family and/or your employees. Contact us at 3W Cleaning Services for more information about how we can help you with both fire contents cleaning and structural cleaning in Baltimore.