Crime Scene Clean Up

3W Cleaning Service has been providing compassionate trauma and crime-scene cleanup services in Baltimore and surrounding counties since 2003.  The unexpected death of a loved one is an extremely emotional time, and when the death leaves behind a traumatic scene these feelings are compounded.  In situations like this it is important to have a professional trauma and crime scene cleanup organization handle the cleanup and restoration of your home or business, both to prevent further emotional trauma and to remove 100% of the blood borne pathogens that are left behind.  Let our caring staff provide you with peace of mind that the scene has been cleaned and disinfected completely while preserving the dignity of your loved one.

Trusted Trauma & Blood Clean Up

Blood borne pathogens and bodily fluids present many dangers, and some of the diseases that can be transmitted do not show any signs or symptoms for years, making it critical to have a professional trauma and crime-scene cleanup company perform the cleanup.  3W Cleaning Service’ staff is fully trained and certified in hazardous materials handling, ensuring that your home or business is cleaned in a safe and dignified manner.

3W Cleaning Service understands this time is a difficult and unexpected one for you and your family, and we will assist you with compassion.  Call our staff today at (800) 427-1769.