Evictions & Foreclosures

3W Cleaning Service can help with all major clean out needs. We help cleaning up after hoarders, foreclosures, evictions and general move out cleanup.

Hoarder Cleanup

Contact 3W Cleaning Service for hoarder cleaning in Baltimore. Hoarding is a psychological condition that causes those who suffer from it to have difficulty throwing anything away. They save old food, clothing, books and trash, causing health hazards.  Our team at Disaster Kleenup Specialties is experienced in hoarder cleaning and we provide you with discreet, professional service.

You never want to undertake hoarder cleaning on your own because it is potentially dangerous. Bio-hazardous materials are often present, and in some cases homes occupied by hoarders have structural problems because of the sheer amount of things in the home. We are licensed and certified in bio-hazardous waste handling and removal. When you use our services for hoarder cleaning, you do not need to worry your health and safety or that of your family or your property maintenance staff.

Cleaning Up After An Eviction

We can provide other types of move out cleanup help, including eviction clean outs. Some landlords find themselves in the difficult position of having to evict tenants. Our trained and certified team can quickly and efficiently clean your home, and restore it to an excellent condition for your next tenant.

One of the biggest problems that property owners and property managers face when evicting a tenant is that in the weeks leading up to the eviction they may not take care of the property. Upon moving out, some tenants will leave property damage, including graffiti, structural damage, and pet waste, as well as unwanted belongings.  At 3W Cleaning Service, we can help you with all of your eviction clean out needs.

General Move Out Cleaning Services

In addition to eviction clean out and hoarder cleaning, 3W Cleaning Service can also help you with standard move out cleanup services. We can help you with basic cleaning needs, including refrigerator cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and general house cleaning. We can also help with the larger types of a move out cleanup, such as removing trash and debris left behind by past tenants.

Whether you need a standard move out cleanup, hoarder cleaning or an eviction clean out, let 3W Cleaning Service assist you. We can do a full service move out cleaning that makes your rental property look like a model home.