Water Damage Restoration

3W Cleaning Service is IICRC certified in water damage restoration. We are the local experts in the restoration of damaged buildings during any one of the many different water events that can occur in Maryland. Floods, pipe bursts, rain damage, roof leaks, and appliance issues can all cause severe water damage to your home or business.

Property and Possessions can be severely damaged or destroyed, which can be a very costly and traumatic event. When water damage occurs, we will take care of the cleanup and restoration of your property.

Cleaning & Storage

3W Cleaning Service will access any damage to the structure of the building and make the necessary repairs. We take on the responsibility of cleaning and the complete restoration of your home or business when water damage strikes.  Once repairs are made, we will inspect the property and assess the loss. We then remove and dispose of all water damaged debris. Our technicians will clean, dry, and take a thorough inventory of all contents. We safely store all recovered property until the building is completely refurbished. Our specialists provide water damage restoration in Baltimore and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact the industry leading disaster restoration firm, 3W Cleaning Service.

Water Damage Clean Up

Once all of the debris is removed, and personal contents are cleaned and stored, we begin flood and water damage restoration of the property. 3W Cleaning Service will extract all excess water inside the building and disinfect the premises. We then dry the room with air circulation and dehumidifying equipment, while continually monitoring the situation.

We will also clean and deodorize the entire structure. Our technicians will make repairs to the flooring and any structural repairs that are needed. Finally, we will replace all contents, getting your world back into focus.

IICRC Certified

3W Cleaning Service is here to help breathe life back into your home or business after a disaster. Our highly trained technicians complete the job correctly the first time. We are a customer service driven company, and we take excellent care of our clients. 3W Cleaning Service is IICRC certified in:

Water Damage Restoration
Basement Flood Repair
Applied Structural Drying
Odor Control
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Repair and Installation
Textile Cleaning
Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning
Water damage restoration is what we do. Join the list of satisfied clients enjoying the revival of their residential and commercial properties. Contact 3W Cleaning Service with any questions you may have regarding our services.